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I live in southern kentucky with my husband of 27 yrs. I am starting a hobby farm with goats rabbits chickens 2 dogs and 1 cat. I love being around animals and caring for them. I have a small greenhouse my husband built for me that I grow all different plants in and I love doing crafts. Pretty much anything where I can be outside or be creative is right up my alley. My philosophy on life is a little dirt under your nails, poop on your shoes and slobby on your cheek keeps the men in the white coats away. lol. Everyone should be so lucky.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Red Cross called

I finally got the call last night and leave this morning to volunteer in a shelter. Its my first deployment with them. The Red Cross was good to us when our house burnt down so this is my way of giving back. Its gonna be wierd not being home for 2 weeks cause I can go for days and not leave here. I will worry about my critters but I am leaving them in capable hands ( hubby ). I just feel like I'm putting alot on his plate with him working full time. Well I'm off, gotta finish packing, be safe, catch ya in a couple weeks.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wacky Weather

Not much been going on around this homestead, just watching the Tv with all the storms. We got some heavy winds that blew a few things over but nothing drastic. I started training to volunteer for the Red Cross about 6 months ago, got a call Wed saying be on stand by to get deployed out to what ever area needs help. This is Sat. and 2 storms later, I finally get an mass email saying for all volunteers to be packed and ready in the next couple of days to be deployed. Shoot, I been packed and ready and carrying the phone with me everytime I walk out the door since Wed. Its driving me nuts knowing so many plp have been effected by these storms and I'm sitting here babysitting my phone. I don't know what else to do  but keep doing what I am. Most areas won't let you in to help unless your with an organization. So waiting, waiting, waiting.  

 The baby goats are getting so big, we love just sitting and watching their antics. They are wondering farther and farther out back  in the pasture with their mommas then run as fast as they can back to the barn, just a bucking and kicking their little hearts out. Oh and the rock we put out in the pasture last year for the big goats has been overtaken by 6 little mini's. they are so darn cute.

Went to Lowe's today to check to see if they had potatoe starts and strawberry plants out yet. Well they do and their crazy if they think I'm paying those prices. I guess they forget that some people get plant and seed book in the mail and know what that stuff costs at other places. They can bite my back side.
I'm getting to where I hate that store almost as much as Walmart. Oh well. Thats why we have options.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seed Find

Last night we went to Walmart, Which I hate that store but I needed a script filled so off we went. I thought I would see what they've got in the garden center and I found a great deal. They have a bunch of seed pack of veggies, herbs and flowers for .20 cents and .50 cents each. American Seed brand. I got 23 packs of seeds for the garden, all I need to get now is potatoe starts and I ready for planting. There was another couple looking at them the same time we were and I looked at the lady and said " this is like Christmas". She laughed and commented well I guess for garden people, it is Christmas in Feb. And that started a conversation that lasted for almost an hour. We swapped ideas and stories, talked about good info web sites and local places to get things that are hard to find. All while standing in the middle of Walmart. I guess Walmarts good for something. lol I told my hubby after we left, see there's other people around that has some of the same crazy hair brained ideas like I do. He just laughed and told me my ideas aren't all crazy. I love him, he backs me on everything I come up with.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not enough hours in a day.

The last couple of weeks around here has been crazy. All the goats birthing and trying to get the incubator ready for eggs, Spring fever hitting early which is causing me to not get the things done that I need to do now before spring hits. Hubby's been sick, company from out of town for 5 days. Not mention the everyday stuff we have. I have been out of straw for a couple of weeks and the animal beds ( gross) finally got cleaned out and new straw put in yesterday. That task took most the day to complete which today I am paying for ( the back is screaming at me ) but we are good for a couple of weeks.

I have my list made out for garden seeds but thats as far as that has went. I'm behind on ordering seeds. This year I have alot of plans for gardening, I want to go all raised beds and large tub planting for potaoes. And I haven't even broke ground for any of it. GGGGRRRR. Theres just not enough hours in the day and to many other things going on.

 This is my first year with goats in milk and I so want to try goat milk and try making goat cheese and yogurt. Been searching for more canning jars with out much success. I'll end up having to buy new one but I'll at least have them for future use. We have an animal flea market near us that has started up for the year and I've been getting stuff ready for that. Plus the huge yearly Mennonite sale April 7, here in Scottsville Ky, which is an all day event but so much fun. Peope come from all over the United States for this sale. Well I need to get busy with my day. I have a break in the nasty weather they are forcasting for us today, So everyone have a great day.